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SPA – Quality Guest Amenities

By November 17, 2018June 25th, 2019No Comments

SPA – the perfect amenities solution for contemporary hotels and serviced apartments, as well as up-market motels and resorts.

With SPA we recognize the importance of relaxation. SPA’s mild and soothing ingredients are formulated to help relax and refresh body and mind. SPA’s subtle and invigorating fragrances compliment the vibrant blue colour tones and help to unwind and recharge while creating a gentle spa experience. The luxury presentation and styling of our SPA Collection makes these products suitable for every quality hotel, motel and resort.

SPA – 5 star quality products at affordable prices.

All SPA products combine luxury Body Care with biodegradable packaging. This range is especially designed to minimize the environmental impact and wastage. SPA products are packaged in revolutionary biodegradable plastic tubes, which contain the innovative ingredient Reverte™. Developed and patented by scientists in the UK, Reverte™ allows plastic to biodegrade in a few short years (compliant with ASTM D6954). SPA products minimise your environmental footprint, whether they end up in landfill or anywhere else.